Recap on 2017 Milestone Projects

With the landscaping season for 2018 quickly approaching, we’d like to highlight some of our unique projects from 2017.

Maury Island Open Space Remediation

As part of an agreed order between King County and the Washington State Department of Ecology, 126,000ft2 of contaminated soil was cleaned and restored with native plant profiles. This project involved the installation of over native plant species, 1,860 linear feet of recyclable deer fence and 1,200 cubic yards of compost ferried in. Key to successful completion of the was strict attention to safety protocols with each employee maintaining Hazwoper certifications and a Site Specification Safety Plan.

Jimi Hendrix Park, Seattle WA

Joining the project in 2016, Kirkland Land Care led the completion of the landscape construction and maintenance on the newly improved Jimi Hendrix Memorial Park. A $2.2 million project encompassing 2.5 acres was designed to include hardscape structures and plant material symbolic of Jimi Hendrix’s life. Unique to this project were; the butterfly pollinator garden, rainwater collection bioswales, Native grass seed areas, and local plant palette.

To read more about the project visit:

Metropolitan Park West Renovation

In a effort to improve employee’s work environment, our team at Kirkland Land Care worked with local construction and property managers to install a newly designed green space for the Metro Park West tower. As part of this project teams installed 20’ Katsura trees, 18 custom fiberglass Tournesol planters, water-saving drip irrigation and an engineered rainwater collection and drainage systems.

We’d like to thank the communities and our partners for the opportunity to be a part of these projects and invite you to visit our job sites to see firsthand how landscaping plays a significant role in our communities.