Lawn Renovation

For over a decade our large commercial and government clients have relied on our team’s experience to provide lawn renovation solutions that are scientifically proven to work.

Our lawn renovation system includes 4 major services:

Lawn Aeration

Aeration is the process of creating openings in the lawn to help air, water, and nutrients move into the soil to reach the grass roots. It also alleviates soil compaction, promotes drainage and helps reduce thatch. It is recommended that cool season turf be aerated at least once per year, but preferably twice per year.


Thatch is a dense, fibrous layer of living and dead grass shoots, stems, leaves, and roots that accumulates between green vegetation and the soil. Using a power rake, Kirkland Land Care crews can reduce the thatch layer to the recommended ½” to help your lawn grow stronger during spring and summer. Our power rakes are also a great tool to remove moss from lawn areas.


Overseeding is the practice of adding grass seed to existing lawns. This is a great way to improve the density of grass areas that have become thin or to help the lawn recover after aeration and dethatching.

Over the years we have developed our proprietary blend of cool season turf grass seeds that is adjusted depending on the conditions of your yard, such as sunny and shady areas.


Most new developments in the greater Seattle area have only a few inches of new topsoil installed during construction. This can make it hard to grow a healthy lawn. One of the best ways to build a healthy long term lawn is to regularly topdress the turf areas. This process adds about ¼” of a sand and compost mix to existing lawn areas.

Our company generally provides this service for athletic fields and golf courses, however we have customized our professional equipment to also serve smaller lawn areas. Our device fits through a typical fence gate and finally makes topdressing affordable for residential properties.

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"The yard work looks professional. Overall I’m very pleased with the service and quality of workmanship. They have the equipment and manpower to get the job done."

Faith M. | Residential Customer, Kirkland, WA
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