Integrated Pest Management

Industry Best Practices for Controlling Pests

Kirkland Land Care is dedicated to reducing the use of environmentally harming pesticides and practices. Our IPM program is specific to the Pacific NW and utilizes cultural, mechanical and biological controls before looking to organic chemical solutions. These practices are continuously improved as new research and technology becomes available in the industry. We have found that proper fertilization based on yearly soil testing and knowledge on optimum growing conditions for plant varieties increases the health of the landscape, outcompeting common landscape pests. Our most common practices include; fertilization, ET water tracking, manual selective weeding and utilizing native plant varieties that grow vigorously in the local climate.

"They are reliable, do great work and we can always count on them to be on time and consistent. Our neighborhood always looks so nice when they are done. We appreciate their professionalism and the fact that they are easy to communicate with and always get back to us promptly."

Val Kok | Woodridge North HOA, Bothell, WA