Winter Services

Ensure the safety of your employees, customers, and residents with our services. We have trained, certified and experienced crews ready to help in any weather emergency. 

Our experience managing hundreds of properties over the last decade allows us to create tailored snow and ice management plans for properties of all types and sizes. Our fleet of snow plows, tracked loaders and deicing trucks are ready to help you maintain business operations. 

Deicer Applications

Our experience managing hundreds of properties during our company's history allows us to deploy market-leading technology and techniques to help you tackle any winter storm. Municipalities recognize deicing treatments as an effective way to return roadways and parking lots to driving conditions earlier than untreated areas. 

Granular and liquid deicing treatments can last multiple days and can ensure that your business continues to work without interruptions. 

Products applied by Kirkland Land Care are environmentally safe and will not damage the landscape. Applications and quick to reduce the impact on your activities. 

Snow Removal

When significant snow accumulations happen, plowing can be the fastest way to return your private roads and parking lots to safe operating conditions. Our fleet of truck-mounted snow plows and tracked loaders efficiently remove snow while keeping your costs down.